2014 Business/Corporation

Bethesda Magazine

Most people know Bethesda Magazine, led by Editor-in-Chief Steve Hull, as the place to find out what is happening in Bethesda and the rest of the county; recommendations for where to eat, news of the latest real estate development, and coverage of community issues like schools and traffic.

What might be lesser known is the publication’s commitment to supporting the work of the nonprofit community. Its annual Guide to Giving gather together information on local nonprofits and invites its readership to donate not only their money, but their expertise, through volunteering. The magazine itself practices what it preaches, committing to give back to community nonprofits at least 5% of its operating income.

Additionally, Bethesda Magazine created Community Profits Montgomery, an initiative to recognize and promote local businesses that give back to the community. Working in partnership with the Community Foundation to offer development and networking opportunities, Community Profits provides clear incentives for businesses to contribute to the community in which they reside. The threshold for membership is at least 2% of operating income, but several other ways of supporting the community are offered too.

The Magazine uses its pages to spotlight the work of nonprofits, it encourages employees to volunteer their time for nonprofits, and operates an employee giving group that invests in employee-recommended nonprofits. So, the next time you pick up a copy of the Magazine, you can be assured that you’re helping support a business making a difference.