Soar Incubation Program

The Nonprofit Village serves as an incubator for start-up and very small nonprofits, not yet prepared to lease space.

The coworking program allows members to utilize the coworking space and provides a set of complimentary hours of meeting room space. Members that take advantage of the incubator services are coached by staff and consultants in critical areas of nonprofit management including governance, communications, talent management, financial reporting, and strategic planning.

We often set milestones with the organization and identify additional resources that help the organization achieve its goals. Our objective is to help the organization grow by measuring increased revenue, diverse board members, an increase in hiring and volunteerism, and number of people served in the community. Nonprofit Village provides fiscal sponsor services to eligible organizations awaiting their tax exempt status.

We work with small and emerging nonprofits to ensure they build in best practices to their governance, operations, and programs at an early stage, ensuring they are set up to be sustainable, successful organizations. From an initial consultation and assessment, through setting milestones and tracking progress, to ongoing support and accountability, this program gives your nonprofit the best chance to develop in the right way.

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