Member benefits include:
  • Coworking space during open hours
  • Use of mailing address (mail pickup during office hours)
  • Free onsite workshops
  • Free access to Foundation Directory Online
  • Referral to resources and consultants
  • Discounts on meeting rooms
  • Copier/printer/scanner and postage meter (5 cents discount on 1st class postage)
  • Lockers while onsite
  • WiFi
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Discount on Day Office rates
  • Back-office service discounts

Paid Annually


$5,000+ Annual savings



Includes Community benefits plus:
  • Use of coworking space with 24/7 access
  • Organizational Development Programs
  • Scholarships to Educational Programs
  • Intern Program subsidy
  • 4 hours/month of meeting room time
  • Locking mailbox

Starting at


$10,000+ Annual savings



Includes Coworking benefits plus:
  • Private meeting room for Coworking Plus members only
  • Dedicated locking desk with storage and file cabinets
  • Complimentary setup of technology
  • Discount on additional meeting room time

Starting at


$15,000+ Annual savings



Includes Coworking benefits plus:
  • Private furnished office
  • Telephone line
  • 10 hours/month of meeting room time
  • Secured high-speed Internet
  • Utilities and janitorial services
  • Additional storage

Starting at


$20,000+ Annual savings


What Our Members Say

Being in shared space with organizations has been helpful n several ways.  First, being able to ask other ED’s questions and seek advice by just walking down the hll if invaluable.

Second, having folks around to share the day with creates a greater sense of community, especially for organizations like ours with a small staff.  MCAEL has been able to bring together members of our network of providers here on a regular basis, so it has become second home to them, too.

NPV staff is always responsive, easy to work with and supportive.  The NPV model has been a great place for us to spend the last 8 or so years and I appreciate everything we have gained while we have been here.


“Before we got to the Village, our office was in my house.  Entertaining clients and board meetings while my children were running around and having my garage filled with water bottles was becoming difficult.  It’s much nicer to have professiona meeting space, and not my dining room table.”

For a small non-profit, getting its running legs stronger, these are essential support services.  In fact, the service amounts to over $37,000 in annual operational savings for may NPV’s tenants.  Shared equipment, library, subscriptions to trade periodicals, and meeting rooms allowed GOTR to focus on programming and growth rather than operations.

Girls on the Run

It was the perfect step up from my living room and the occasional free desk at a member office.  I took advantage of training on strategic planning, mission and vision, and more throug partners like Maryland Nonprofits.

Easy access to quality office equipment like the copier/printer and postage meter helped stretch our resources tremendously.  Educational opportunities both through NPV and the partners I met through NPV (Nonprofit Montgomery, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, Maryland Nonprofits) had a direct impact on our operations.

Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery Country

Increasing our programming, inclusion in the Catalogue of Philanthropy and working with great summer interns – yes, NPV summer intern program helped with this.

Hallway conversations with Kim Jones, Tom Cooling and other NPV staff offered invaluable information and access to advice.  The NPV staff were consistently friendly and helpful (since day 1 of our rental).

ClancyWorks Dance Company

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