2018 Large Nonprofit

Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless

MCCH ensures that comprehensive needs of clients are met through a collaborative network of care in partnership with nonprofit organizations and agencies. For example, Cornerstone Montgomery and the Homeless Persons Representation Project, provide on-site psychiatric services and legal services, respectively.

Since 2005, MCCH has been hosting the HOME Conference, attended by nonprofit and government service providers. The conference is an opportunity to share best practices and empower service providers who work with vulnerable populations.

Beyond providing direct services, MCCH strives to build sustainable solutions to end homelessness. Much of this work is done through advocacy with local government, where MCCH has successfully influenced local policy around affordable housing. MCCH was key in ending veteran homelessness in Montgomery County in 2016.

Families served remaining in stable housing
Individuals experiencing homelessness moved to permanent housing
Individuals served in 2017 MCCH’s emergency shelter programs


894 individuals experience homelessness in Montgomery County, due in large part to lack of affordable housing. Their experience of homelessness is often compounded by issues relating to mental health, domestic violence, and chronic health problems, among others.


To ensure that homelessness in Montgomery County is rare, brief, and nonrecurring.

Best Practices

Direct Assistance Models
Knowledge Sharing