2016 Large Nonprofit

Rebuilding Together

In 2016, Rebuilding Together of Montgomery County received special recognition by the Nonprofit Village at its annual Making a Difference Breakfast awards. Serving Montgomery County since 1990, Rebuilding Together (RTMC) has made significant contributions to community homeowners and to ensure sustainable affordable housing in the county.

Rebuilding Together provides a safety net for vulnerable populations in the county who are at risk of losing their homes or who live in unsafe and unhealthy conditions. RTMC serves the elderly, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and the working poor – most of whom lack sufficient income to invest in home maintenance. Working with these county residents, Rebuilding Together rebuilds their homes, restores a sense of hope and revitalizes communities.

RTMC offers its clients immediate and long-term solutions to their housing problem. By making crucial repairs, addressing the social determinants of health (in homes) and establishing vital links to community resources (through the LINKS program, for example), RTMC can prevent homelessness by addressing problems before they become too serious. More than 90% of homeowners backed by RTMC avoided foreclosure or temporary displacement and remained in their homes for at least two more years following repairs.

Through the home modification work and by providing sustainable housing solutions, RTMC aims to have a long-lasting impact on the community by maintaining the level of affordable housing in the county and stabilizing communities with invested and thriving residents.

Rebuilding Together’s success in the community is rooted in its strong partnerships and collaborations with a range of community actors and stakeholders. RTMC works with state and local governments, community volunteers, and corporate and nonprofit partners. Established relationships with tradesmen and professionals allows RTMC to efficiently and quickly address client home repair needs for free or at discounted prices.

Key programs of Rebuilding Together of Montgomery County include:
  • National Rebuilding Day (annually, last weekend in April)
  •  Corporate Engagement Projects
  •  The Volunteer Handyman Program
  •  The Critical Needs Program
  •  Energy Efficiency Initiative
  •  LINKS Program

This strong sense of collaboration has pushed Rebuilding Together to further expand upon its mission to reach a greater population in the county, and to support other organizations that serve vulnerable populations in the community through two programs. Through “Facilities Facelift” RTMC offers critical facility repairs to nonprofit organizations, while “Playhouses for Playgrounds” provides free, handicap accessible playhouses to local playgrounds.

Community is central to Rebuilding Together’ s mission and values. In addition to partnerships and supporting other county nonprofits, the success of this organization and its ability to serve its target population is made possible through the volunteering efforts and sponsorships of partners. Whether working on individual projects or on National Rebuilding Day, RTMC galvanizes community members of all kinds, skilled or unskilled, to volunteer their time and money to the cause.