2017 Nonprofit

Community Ministries of Rockville

The Community Ministries of Rockville (CMR) is a leading Montgomery County nonprofit that provides much needed services and support to the most vulnerable populations of the county. As an unwavering presence in the community over the last 50 years, Community Ministries received a special recognition at the 2017 Nonprofit Village Annual Breakfast Awards.

The mission driving CMR’s work in Montgomery County is to improve the quality of life of vulnerable county residents, including persons who are low to middle-income, uninsured or underinsured, homeless people, veterans and the elderly. Through five key direct service programs, CMR ensures that these most vulnerable groups have a safety net and improves their lives through:

Healthcare: the Mansfield Kaseman Health Clinic serves underinsured and uninsured Montgomery County residents, providing medical services, social services, and health education. This past year, the clinic treated 1,289 patients over 3,802 patient

Emergency Assistance: The Rockville Emergency Assistance Program delivers financial assistance to residents to help them avoid evictions and the termination of their utility services. It also helps cover prescription costs for those in need, as well as referrals for material goods, dental and vision). In FY17, CMR distributed $69,945 to 424 residents in need of these

Education: CMR’s Language Outreach Program provides a much-needed educational program, including English language classes and citizenship classes. This family-based program offers on-site childcare for adults with children, enabling a greater attendance to adult classes by alleviating the financial and time constraints relating to finding childcare. This past year, CMR provided English-language and citizenship classes to 327 adults. Additionally, 128 children received childcare and tutoring.

Supportive Housing: The Jefferson House Personal Living Quarters and Rockland House assist formerly homeless persons by offering permanent supportive housing to men and women, respectively. Through this program, 7 men and 6 women received housing last year, thereby reducing the homeless population in Montgomery.

As the breadth of these five programs highlight, Community Ministries of Rockville provides a holistic approach to supporting vulnerable and at-risk communities in the county. Not only do these services provide a safety-net in emergency situations (housing, healthcare and financial assistance), they also support the elderly and the homeless, and address educational needs (English, citizenship classes, health education).

CMR services aim to tackle some of the root causes leading clients to need their services in the first place. Prevention is a key component of their healthcare services. CMR also provides support for budget and employment services for clients who face evictions.

This combination of safety-net services allows CMR to position itself as unique service provider where clients can have many of their needs addressed at the same time. With multiple sites, CMR ensure strong communication between its different departments to streamline care for clients across the board.

Community Ministries of Rockville couldn’t do its work without a strong collaboration with other providers and nonprofits in the county. For example, through its partnership with the Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy (MCAEL), CMR ensures its high-quality education programs reach adults that need English language training to increase their opportunities for meaningful employment. CMR also partners with pharmacies, Shady Grove Hospital and LabCorp to offer medical services at reduced costs or specialty services. Its long-established presence in Montgomery County allows CMR to have a deep understanding of the needs in the area and how to cater their services in relation to what is already offered by other organizations.

Not only does CMR provide these crucial services, but it also advocates for these vulnerable groups at the local government level. Through the Rockville Caregivers Coalition, established by CMR thirty years ago, a group of more than 20 human services providers collaborate in their advocacy efforts. These different providers support each other through referrals and their joint advocacy with the City of Rockville, County Council and County Executive. By providing a unified voice, the Caregivers Coalition has successfully ensured that funding for safety net services was restored in years when caregiver funding had been decreased.

It is through this approach that CMR has remained a trusted and steadfast organization serving Montgomery County residents for the last 50 years. During this time, CMR has continuously evaluated the effectiveness of its programs and services in relation to changing needs in the community to maximize their impact. To ensure its continued presence in Montgomery County, CMR maintains a diversified funding stream, ensuring that sustainability remains a key component of its planning and operations.